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why not just link them, allowing clients to simply discover those links, and then act accordingly. if these are proper links, then there are three different ways how they can be used:

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This is an interesting book if I may say. Having your take on the book make me want to buy it right away. Is this available in all leading bookstores?

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Your blogs are really really informative.


Sounds like an interesting read. Fortunately, Heidelberg's university library already has a copy of your book.

Btw., the above link to Carol Steiker's Capital Punishment and American Exceptionalism changed.

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It's provide a framework for analysis of the prospects for the elimination of many nations, including Japan, China and India, which continue to execute prisoners.


“Karambolage“ is one of ARTE's finest efforts in studying, comparing and celebrating the interesting little differences in French and German culture and everyday life. The 10 minute episodes are broadcasted on ARTE every sunday 20:00 p.m. and can also be watched on ARTE's website for some weeks.

Yesterday an older episode was broadcasted commemorating the abolition of death penalty in France 30 years ago. It's not one of the best episodes of “Karambolage“ but interesting enough to point it out. For everyone interested in German everyday culture "Karambolage“ is a must, anyway.

new to it

you know, that germany in 1949, in fact, was two germanies?
did you compare west and east? although east did execute prisoners long after official abolition (and the russians officially did so -- even east german prisoners), it would be interesting to see how east and west influenced each other and maybe offer some insights, since the east did not enjoy real parlamentarism until 1989.

but reading your text above, i am sure you adopted the west german point of view, which is "east germany is not germany and german history is west german history" even in the most ordinary realms like "first car" (a beetle of course), "first travel abroad" (italy) and stuff like pril-flower or bonanza bikes.

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