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The Ugliest Building in Frankfurt

Let's put the refugee numbers in a little perspective.

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany. It has a nice riverside and a world-famous skyline. It was never one of my favorite German cities. The Allies bombed it to pieces, and Frankfurt got a disproportionate number of those boring, hastily-built post-WW II buildings thrown up to provide some sort of housing (see above). But still, it's got world-class museums, some very nice parks, and it's surrounded by lush forest.

Frankfurt is 238 square kilometers and has a current population of 717,000. Now imagine if all those skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and luxurious villas vanished. You would suddenly have 717,000 people needing to be clothed, fed, and housed right now.

That's what will happen to Germany in the next 72 days.

The German tabloid Bild just reported, based on German security sources, that 150,000 people illegally entered Germany in the last two weeks alone. Currently, 10,000 people are entering Germany each day. You may have heard about those border checks Germany started a couple of weeks ago. Here's how they work: Someone approaches the German border and tries to enter illegally. If they say they plan to file for political asylum, they are waved through.

They all say they plan to file asylum claims. 10,000 a day.

This means that Germany will have to provide shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care for the entire population of the city of Frankfurt -- the fifth largest city in Germany -- by December 10.

And then, assuming the flow keeps up, Germany will have to find room for another Frankfurt by early February. And then another one by the end of March.

And this in a country whose migrant shelters are already packed to 2-3 times capacity and are a daily site of violence.

Can you see why I am posting a lot about this situation?