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Refugees: 750,000 Coming, 600,000 (Illegally) Staying

In February (g), the German government estimated 300,000 people would seek asylum in Germany in 2015. Just six or so weeks ago, the German Federal Ministry for Migration upped the number to 450,000. A few weeks ago it climbed again to 600,000 (g). Now it's at 750,000 (g). Is that linear or exponential?

According to the Federal Interior Ministry, 600,000 is also the number of migrants who, as of January 2015, were living in Germany (g) even though their applications for asylum had been denied. One fact that rarely gets mentioned in abstract debates about immigration policy is that even when migrants do not show they have a legal right to continue living in Germany, they are almost never actually deported.

So, 750,000 (and rising) migrants are expected this year, and there are 600,000 immigrants currently living in Germany without legal permission because the government cannot or will not deport them. 

I wonder if there's a link between those two numbers?