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Trivia Contest: Who Is This Bruised, Sweaty Babe from the Trash?

Yesterday out biking, I came across this oddly charismatic pile of junk on the Hermann-Harry-Schmitz (g) Straße:


A pack of thin womens' smokes, a few stuffed animals, a record, and a picture. Let's have a closer look at that picture:


At first glance, it looks like something from Internet K-Hole: claws-out catfight at the rave, but somebody's still ready to par-tay! 

Alas, that's not it. Your mission is to identify the woman in this picture, which will necessarily explain the context. 

As a bonus, a closer look at the album:  


Apparently it celebrates the Hosen der Liebe: The Pants of Love. Although I could be wrong about that.

UPDATE: All the guesses were correct, but the prize goes to the first correct guesser, Dr. Wood! A handsome commemorative plaque -- suitable for framing! -- is heading your way, sir.