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Trivia Contest: Who Is This Bruised, Sweaty Babe from the Trash?

Yesterday out biking, I came across this oddly charismatic pile of junk on the Hermann-Harry-Schmitz (g) Straße:


A pack of thin womens' smokes, a few stuffed animals, a record, and a picture. Let's have a closer look at that picture:


At first glance, it looks like something from Internet K-Hole: claws-out catfight at the rave, but somebody's still ready to par-tay! 

Alas, that's not it. Your mission is to identify the woman in this picture, which will necessarily explain the context. 

As a bonus, a closer look at the album:  


Apparently it celebrates the Hosen der Liebe: The Pants of Love. Although I could be wrong about that.

UPDATE: All the guesses were correct, but the prize goes to the first correct guesser, Dr. Wood! A handsome commemorative plaque -- suitable for framing! -- is heading your way, sir.


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Edgar Lange

Bei dem Plattencover muß es "Rosen der Liebe" heißen - das war einer der big hits des Josef Augustin & Orchesters 1969. (siehe Aber diese Lösung war wohl außerhalb des Wettbewerbs, wa?


I would guess her to be Souhaila Andrawes. Probably photographed while being carried away by Somali authorities after having been arrested during the raid on LH181.


Souhaila Andrawes. Aber ob man sich von der nun gerade ein Bild rahmen und aufhängen muss... Na ja.

Der Rest könnte auch "Dosen der Liebe" sein. Würde auch passen.


That was an easy one:


I think I've seen that photo before. Some terrorist/freedom fighter perhaps? I note that all the people in the blackground are black. Hmmmm . . . Shot in Mogadishu perhaps?

Bernd Giegerich

Souhaila Andrawes?

John Carter Wood

It's Souhalia Andrawes, Palestinian terrorist, hijacker and murderer and the only surviving member of the GSG-9 raid on the hijacked Lufthansa flight 181 in Mogadishu, 1977. Image at the bottom of this page:

The kind of image that really ties the room together.

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