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Help Me with This Crossword Puzzle, Internet

LiartownUSA has branched out into crossword puzzles, and the first one's pretty hard. In fact, I've been at it for days now:

Crossword Puzzle

I've solved most of it, but these clues still have me stumped:

  • Dutch raccoon holiday
  • Popular govt. perfume
  • Aka Baltimore caviar
  • Popular French breakfast crime
  • Brand of personal lubricant, also childhood nickname of Sir Winston Churchill
  • This famous comedian was stillborn
  • Actor despised for his role on HBO’s ‘Dog Exploder’

Any help in comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Dutch raccoon is "wasbeer", washing bear.

Raccoon is also a Dutch band, their first single was called "It's an Ice Cream Day".

Hope this helps!


Winnie lubricants.
Would be easier if you filled in the bits you have!

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