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M. Möhling

While Indian Muslims have a poop-related advantage, they still "as a group, have fallen badly behind, in education, employment and economic status." The NYT knows that this is "partly because of persistent discrimination in a Hindu-majority nation," natch. I like the weasel word--It's like that almost all over the world with Muslim minorities, but whatever. Anyway, they managed to get themselves affirmative action goodies by being recognised as "Other Backward Classes."

As for Christopher Hitchens sparring with anyone or calling offices--I'm afraid he's well past his expiry date by now. Also, I didn't know that maps could be racist and Islamophobic, too. hbd chick has an idea on why that is muslimwise; cliff note: don't screw around with relatives--you get screwed, too. Particularly if you do it the funny way the Arabs taught their former underlings.

Eric M. Sievers

Off-topic: Andrew, I'm wondering whether you had come across Hadmut Danisch's (http://danisch.de ) blog and found his posts worth commenting on. Stuff's in German, yes, but touches some of your favorite subjects like law, universities and occasionally America.

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