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M. Möhling

> What caused this train wreck?

I asked that crazy--7-digit sum--agency, but they wouldn't tell. I guess that Baron von Shicklgruber either went for a bargain offer from the mom & pop operation[1] that handles his "Internetkommunikation" or he asked his homely in-house press maidens and that's what he got. The mayor is on his company's supervisory board, so maybe he's just being thrifty with taxpayers money. The greens and the Linke want some of his riches for "dringende Vorhaben im sozialen Bereich"®,[2] so he'd better watch out.

1. at page bottom
2. urgent gimmidats


I bet, they paid some crazy agency (maybe Vaclav's Place of Advertise?) a 7-digit sum for it.


Ha, if you think that's bad, how do you like "Cate & Eve", which is short for "CATEring" and "EVEnt". I'm not kidding you.


I worked for them when the management came up with the name a few years ago, and I even told them not to use it because it sounds ridiculous. But they wouldn't listen. This must be the stupidest Germish slogan I've ever come across, and I've come across a few. (Remember the Drink & Drive campaign of BVG, the public transport company in Berlin?)


shicklgruber? war das jetzt wirklich nötig?

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