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Bleg: Quote about Military Heroism from Kurt Tucholsky

I've got a bleg. A few years ago I was in a Japanese restaurant here in Düsseldorf, and on the wall was a quotation (in German) that went something like: 'Every speech in praise of the heroism of a fallen soldier in the last war guarantees the death of three more in the next war.'  My recall of the wording is really vague, which is why I can't find this on my own. I think it was from Tucholsky, seems like something he would say, but Im not 100% sure.

I would really appreciate any help finding the exact source.


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Thank you Lars!


"Jede Glorifizierung eines Menschen, der im Kriege getötet worden ist, bedeutet drei Tote im nächsten Krieg." - „Schnipsel“, 1973, S. 112

Tom of Finland

Could this be it?: "Jubel über militärische Schauspiele ist eine Reklame für den nächsten Krieg." Kurt Tucholsky, "Über wirkungsvollen Pazifismus", in "Die Weltbühne", 11. Oktober 1927, S. 555f

Perhaps time to revisit the Japanese restaurant, if it's still there.

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