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Answers for the Undeserving

Time was I could barely post a cultural trivia contest before it was answered in comments.

Either I've been picking much too difficult questions or my blog audience has become a lot more ignant. You people, frankly, have disappointed me. You hardly deserve to have your curiosity satisfied, assuming you have any to begin with.

Yet I am a merciful quizmaster, so I will provide the answers.

A few weeks ago I asked you to identify the painter of a Virgin which was later covered by another master:

Virgin Cavaliere D'arpino Underneath Caravaggio's Fortune Teller

This Virgin was painted in the studio of the Giuseppe Cesari, Cavaliere D'Arpino. It was later appropriate by his student, Caravaggio, who flipped it on its side and painted one of his two versions of the Fortune Teller over it:


 I also recently asked you to name me one movie featuring a person who was lated executed for murder. The answer I had in mind (there may be others) is: 

Lady Godiva Rides Again, released in the United States as Bikini Baby, is a 1951 British comedy film starring Pauline Stroud, about a small-town English girl who wins a beauty contest and heads for greater fame after appearing as Lady Godiva in a pageant.

The film is most notable for the presence of actresses who were later to become famous. Diana Dors, who appears as a beauty queen, was later marketed as the film's star. It also features Joan Collins in her movie debut as an uncredited beauty contestant. Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in England, also appears as an uncredited beauty queen. Ruth, who was four months pregnant at the time, had dyed her hair black and had styled it into a bob.

Here's one scene featuring her briefly: 

 Ellis was executed in 1955 for the murder of her lover: