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You are a few decades late but you seem to have invented BILD. Congratulations.

Thomas Schmitz

Came across this via Scot Stevenson's blog "http://usaerklaert.wordpress.com", and I, as a German, have to say that I fully share and support the author's view as well as the more-than-interesting idea of adopting German-style journalism, just for the sake of it. Hope I got it not spoilt by my imperfect English.
On a side note - there are many Germans which support this weird way of setting moral standards, but as much of them which don't. I am one of the latte, so hope the Americans will continue to be gentle with me when visiting the U.S. As bith, tourist and businessman. ;-)
Oh, and * please* keep up with this. I will share this with as many friends and fellows as possible...

Daniel Ly

I am posting here, because posts to the GWOW «Trinkhalle» has been already closed.

Trinkhalle also means a room to «drink the waters». There is a small «Trinkhalle» at the Passugg source above the torrent Rabiusa in the Canton of Graubünden in Switzerland.


There is a news channel that does these kind of stories regularly about Germany and other European countries. You hit their tone really well. It's called Russia Today. You should check it out. The Iranian press TV is similar but has less scope.


"I have become careful about the German journalists I talk to, since a majority of them have no interest in actually profiting by (or even listening to) my expertise, but instead just want a soundbite that fits their preconceived notions "

Reminds me of your preconceived notions about public health campaigns regarding HIV transmission.


As for the stereotyping assholes, German or otherwise: you are who you think you are, not who others think you are.

And humor is the best defense.

"But don't hold it against me": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBFwYLa_iFI


What do you think, are the chances, this and the following pieces will be taken for real and get quoted out of context? Not like german journalism is immune to that style in domestic issues, nor the public, or the press and people in any country for that matter. Building on and fanning up emotions is a quick way to money in the business. The same goes for confirming preexisting judgements. And of course, well-known thus predjudice-loaded) foreign countries like our european neighbours or the USA are easy targets in that game. It sells, cause that's what's demanded.
The world out there is filled with self-rightous idiots, and lucky those, who realize, they aren't any better or different.

What will this article and the ones to follow achieve? I think, it will confirm people in their biases, be it towards (especially lower quality) press products, criminals and legal system to those who don't get the intention (and I've seen way more obvious satires misinterpreted) or in my humble case my misantrophy.
Nothing new, not worth it.

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