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Defenseless Victims: Germany's Lax Justice Sets Child-Rapists Free to Strike Again and Again

Over on Facebook, a German friend of mine pointed to yet another tiresome example of the "tendentious, judgmental, sensationalist" reporting on American in the German press, in this case a Spiegel Online article about veteran healthcare in the US whose first line reads: "The US celebrates its soldiers as heroes -- but once they retire, they're left on their own." All of them, apparently!

I have become careful about the German journalists I talk to, since a majority of them have no interest in actually profiting by (or even listening to) my expertise, but instead just want a soundbite that fits their preconceived notions -- usually of the U.S. as a post-apocalyptic sinkhole of violence and racism. During the orgy of lies that constituted German coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, I was asked by a journalist from a German public radio station whether the verdict meant it was now 'open season' on young black teens. I had to chuckle.

So, in the name of fair play, I present a new series somewhat in the vein of Sartor Resartus, in which take actual German news stories and present them in the credulous, hyperventilating tone in which so many German journalists write about the USA.

Installment one:

Defenseless Victims: Germany's Lax Justice Sets Rapists Free to Strike Again and Again

DORTMUND - Jürgen S. is a rapist. Over the years, the obese, malodorous 59-year-old electrician from Dortmund has committed violent sex crimes against defenseless children. Yet in December 2010, the German authorities decided to completely stop monitoring him in the community after his last prison stint, trusting the repeat child-rapist to control his urges alone.

He lasted 6 months. In July 2011, he lured a 7-year-old girl into a parking garage and brutally raped her (g). He later confessed the deed, and was sentenced to prison, again. It was yet another horrifying -- and preventable -- debacle for the German criminal justice system: another young, defenseless victim stripped of her innocence and assaulted, all because the gullible German authorities decided Jürgen S. posed no more danger to society. How wrong they were.

Max L., the father of the 7-year-old rape victim, has had enough. He remembers how she returned home after the vicious assault, confused and bleeding. Since then, she has regular nightmares. "She will never be the same. Never. And all because some judge decided to set a known child rapist free to strike again." Holger Lundgren, a mayoral candidate for the German National Democratic Party in Dortmund, agrees. Speaking for many Germans, he says: "We have to take back control of our justice system from these liberal do-gooder judges who never have to face the bloody consequences of their slap-on-the-wrist punishments. Law-abiding citizens deserve a criminal justice system that keeps them safe." It may be because of straight talk like this that the German state is now attempting to ban the political party to which Lundgren belongs (g), using a controversial and frightening provision of the German Constitution.

Germany prides itself on its human rights record and Rechtsstaat, the word for rule of law. Yet in case after case, the German legal system -- staffed largely by unaccountable bureaucrats with lifetime job guarantees -- has failed miserably to protect the safety of Germany's ordinary citizens. Out of touch with ordinary reality, judges apply liberal laws that guarantee even vicious killers and repeat rapists will leave prison to strike again and again. When asked to justify their decisions, they retreat behind a wall of secrecy. They face zero public accountability for decisions that release vicious criminals to destroy yet more lives. On the rare occasions when these functionaries acknowledge the reality of the situation, they routinely accuse the press of "populism" and "yellow journalism" -- simply for reporting the human cost of their decisions.

etc. etc.