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Christianity is the belief in a god, but it also offers the hope and the concentration on values, that are quite contrarian to money and income attracted lifestyle. It is an offer of hope for people who are lost in the normal succes levels of western societies.

Should anyone wonder that it attracts more the poorer people than the rich ones, more the fallen people than the winner-like types?


I suppose--pure conjecture, admittedly--that most people who identify themselves as "Christian" are Christian in name only; they enter "Christian" on standardized forms, just as readily as they would their height and weight and eye color, without thinking about the import. For these persons, identifying themselves as "Christian" is a remnant of many years of tradition behind their upbringing; and this practive will, if present trends continue, gradually fade away in the U.S., just as it already largely has in Europe.

"Atheists," on the other hand, may tend to be persons, especially in the U.S., who are swimming against the tides of tradition, and so are people who tend to think for themselves and develop their own moral standards: that could explain the statistic you quote.

A priest once told me that he preferred an honest atheist to a hypocritical Christian.

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