There's Ordinary Bacon Bowls, and then There's the...
'Let's Get this Out of the Way'

Houston's Awesome, You Effete Snob

A friend in Houston, Texas sends me these two pictures. First, a scholarship fundraising drive with max killpower:

Scholarship Drive
Second, a message from some Houston-boosters. Some background: Houston has a nationwide -- nay, global -- reputation for being a crappy place to live, although it's got its share of charms for the visitor. Hours-long commutes in the spaghetti bowl of freeways; endless soul-crushing hellscapes of fast-food chains, seedy strip malls...


...pawn shops, titty bars, and junkyards; a sweltering humid, broiling subtropical climate; megachurches on every streetcorner; giant flying cockroaches, swarms of mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, not only fire ants but also crazy ants, the two of which are currently battling for supremacy.

To which Houston boosters have a simple four-word response:


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