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I watched the first hour of the series; though I have seen far worse, I didn't find it that appealing: character stereotypes, plodding plot, sentimental clichés. Nevertheless, based on the little I did see, I can't entirely share Scott's opinion, either.

The continuing German project of Vergangenheitsbewältigung--coming to terms with the Nazi past and its crimes--has been successful in many respects, in some others not so much. This television series, though, is, at least partly, a success.

There's no such thing as a specifically German fascist gene. Other societies have also been subject to mob psychology and political intimidation. Many Germans did succumb, including leading intellectuals, to the Nazi lure and they should be held responsible for their actions; but most Germans were, in fact, "ordinary people" in extraordinary circumstances.

This said not to excuse or relativize their complicity, passive or active, but their blanket condemnation can't be the right way to close the wound.

Junger Gott

I read through all the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
The general consensus seems to be that the movie had some decent battle scenes but storywise depended too much on unlikely encounters and cliches. Having watched the movie, I think I can agree with that.

What I found mystifying though was that many reviews seemed to positively dispute the fact that there actually was a sizable Jewish people in Berlin in 1941. Haven't those guys never heard of the Rosenstrasse protests in 1943, so even two years later? I'm not saying you need to know to call yourself educated. But I would have expected some research into before the reviewers made sweeping statements to that effect.


Thanks. Very lucid review. I had read a review, in the New Republic if my memory serves me right, and was annoyed about the US view on that show. Also, I really liked the connect you made to German film boards and how in that way the show is actually innovative and untypically German.


Had to switch off UMUV halfway through part two, there was no dramatic tension and I could never get into the story. It was a hybrid that wanted to meld a history lesson with epic drama and ended up doing neither well.

How about a moratorium on new WW II / Holocaust / Hitler / Nazi movies and documentaries... for the next 30 years or so. Within the past 60+ years, so many shows have been made already, there is nothing left to say.

Instead -- and this is meant seriously, not sarcastically -- one of the 50+ channels on German cable could re-run the already existing films 24/7. Have it be like water that comes out of the tap when you want to turn it on. And keep the public libraries stocked with the literature. But stop making new films.

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