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I think that is actually hours billed and collected on, not actually worked...


Statistics comparing total numbers of "hours worked" are of very little use. It would be more accurate to speak of "hours at work". You know, being at work doesn’t necessarily mean that you work. And why don’t the countries that (based on this solid statistical evidence) work 40% more hours than the others have a 40% higher GDP? So to deduce anything from these numbers is just rubbish.


I have to wonder whether these averages are just the middle ground for two extremes. Are these fully employed people or are they counting the 450-euro workers? On the other side, my partner used to work for a large consulting firm where the trend has been to do things "American style", meaning 72+ -hour workweeks. He quit after fully burning out (one of the early ones when people were still mocking the condition). Now he's self-employed, which unfortunately also means 80-hour-weeks, but brings with it a little more control of the hours.

Also, just a theory, but the education/career track beginning so early in one's life in Germany (what is it these days, age 12?) may contribute to crises later down the road.

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