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there´s a joke that says that "Hollister" might be the biggest College in Brazil because you´ll see lots of teens/young adults wearing those shirts and hoodies everywhere.

A&F, Hollister and Aeropostale: I thought that the stupid idea of wearing the same t-shirts like a teenage expensive "uniforns" died back in the 90´s with GAP, Banana Republic, Hard Rock Café etc...


To add to what Heskey said, many (if not most/all) of these shirts are printed and sometimes also designed in Asia. Some of them even are in fact great examples of Chinglish (or otherwise "bad" English by non-native speakers). So what do we have here:
- people in Europe
- wearing shirts designed by Asians
- whose idea of "dream" is the American one

Ain't globalisation something?


"The place being evoked is always America", yes, because America epitomises the Western world and freedom like no other place. In the same way, you will find a lot of Asians who "westernize"/Americanize their first names when moving to the western world, while you will probably never find an American or European who when moving to Asia would change their first name in order to appeal to Chinese or Koreans.

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