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The "Petra B." entry below appears to be comment spam as it is linked to "displaystore.de."

But anyway: that there is a "clear tendency" in Germany to "idealize" the U.S. is far from true.

Any reader of "Stern" or "Der Spiegel" or even readers' comments in conservative newspapers like the "FAZ" must recognize that the overwhelming majority of Germans do anything but idealize the U.S.


"Clark Parsons," of course. Writing here on the fly.


Frank Parsons is managing director of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and that makes it likely that Parsons spends most of his time in Berlin Mitte or in one of the tonier neighborhoods, not in districts like Friedrichshain or Neukölln; so, Andrew, your criticism of Frank Schmiechen applies to Parsons, too.

malvar infected

If it's any consolidation to you: The Germany Clark Parsons describes also sounds like a much greater place to live than the country where i am living since my birth, which happens to be the reality version of Germany...

Wladimir Palant

I couldn't agree more. I've been living in Germany for years but I also assume to know a bit more about US than most Germans do thanks to the people I know there, many of which had to work their way up. There is a clear tendency to idealize US in Germany, everybody you ask can tell you the positive sides: high wages, economic wealth, top-notch medicine, friendly people etc. At the same time, people are almost never aware of the downsides like massive work pressure, close to no job security, short vacations, pretenses instead of real emotions, "optional" insurances, disastrous infrastructure and much more. Every time I visit US I am again surprised by people doing dull work only because they seem to be cheaper than automating the process - and I keep wondering how little these people must be earning. But I suspect that most Germans get their information about life in the US from Hollywood movies. The misconceptions arising there don't go away easily, one has to take a close look at how people are really living.


The things he loves about America are pretty standard things for Germans: People are nice and friendly. And who cares if it's superficial? Superficial nice is better than honest hostile. Everyone seems much more relaxed.

This is the very thing that (some) Germans find annoying and suspect about the Austrians... perhaps Schmiechen isn't "reading" his American friends as well as he thinks he is.

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