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Has anyone actually seen any of these Kotzbecken in Germany? I never have, apparently I frequent the wrong Kneipen...


"Perhaps we can re-create some COUNTRY BASHING right here, folks -- what do you say?"

I must strongly object to that! Country is a perfectly fine form of music, as long as you stay away from the terribly whitewashed Nashville mainstream. May I suggest some Steve Earle, or perhaps Darrell Cott? "You'll never leave Harlan alive" is a modern classic, after all!

(I'm sorry, but you *know* it had to be done.)


I don't think that Schmidt was better than O'Brien or Letterman.

He was better than Leno, of course. But that's not hard.


Trivia: The colloquial name for those puking-sinks is "Papst" (= "pope"), most likely because you need to bow before it.

R. Peczop-Beuys

Kotzbrocken at the Kotzbecken.


Harald Schmidt is like Apple: Watching what the others are doing wrong, entering the market late and then doing it better then all others before.


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