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Very nice to see that.

Chicken or egg? Why do think journalists went first and the populace reacted to their "propaganda"?
I'm afraid journalists just write down what they think a majority will want to hear, or in this case, they refrain from writing what a majority would take amiss.
This "punishment" effect is particularly strong on such touchy issues.
Sure, such a process tends to render the majority even bigger.

About your conclusion: So you assume that people with higher formal education will listen to facts more than those without?
Well, this may be true sometimes, but it's clearly not automatic or obvious.
For starters, it defeats the whole purpose of academic titles ... ;)


The question if it is cosidered dangerous might not be regarded as the most glaring problem with nuclear energy. Personally I would say it is not very dangerous, at least in a controlled facility, but I still oppose the use of nuclear energy because of the unsolved waste problem. If they asked people about their concerns about nuclear waste, the numbers probably would have come out differently.


There had already been a broad discussion resulting in compromise about something called "Atomausstieg" (quotation marks saying, I wouldn't call it that) under the Schröder government. Then Merkel, in another compromise between herself and the nuclear interest groups, backpedaled from said compromise. Right then, Fukushima happened. That the reception of the nuclear disaster was so different in Germany is owed to that background and makes perfect sense to me.

Fukushima didn't so much prompt a major change in policy - it forced Merkel to roll back her own projected major change in policy. At least for now.

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