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"Yes, there are millions of us. But you've never heard of us. Why? Because we stay in the background. We learned that from two world wars. We German-Americans are doing those well-paid but kind of boring jobs that form the backbone of American industry."

Sounds like your behaviour is still awesome German. ;-)

The main topic of the current issue of "The Economist" called "The reluctant hegemon" makes the same detections about Germany:
"Three barriers block Germany taking on that leadership—all understandable ones. The first and hardest to surmount is historical. Even the word for leader, Führer, conjures up terrible memories. Having twice plunged Europe into war, many Germans believe their country’s duty is to be a bigger version of Switzerland: economically prosperous, politically modest."

Markus Schäfer

Ha! We made the world think that Blitzkrieg was our favorite move but our true plan is coming to fruition AT LAST!

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