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Shop at Natürlich Natürlich Organic Shop



Everyone should go visit the Natürlich Natürlich organic food store at Brunnenstr. 22. Neighborhood fixture Werner runs the place, which oozes laid-back charm. My picks are the 'Essener Brot' -- Essene bread, allegedly made according to a recipe preserved by the Essenes. Ít's rather chewy in its raw state, but makes great toast. Natürlich Natürlich is also where I get my 'house wine' -- 1 liter bottles of tasty Spanish red wine for the ridiculously low price of 4 Euro.

There's also chocolates, pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables, oils, spreads, beer, juice, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and plenty besides, all 100% organic.

* Just kidding. Werner's not paying me a cent. I just think everyone should shop at his store.