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James rytting

Anglo-Saxon cultural contributions, you've got to be kidding; tyey're on par with its contribution to cuisine. Without African Americans, including the Caribs, inventing every genre twentieth century music and dance and Jews from Eastern Europe inventing broadway, Hollywood and American classical music in connection, the cultural horizon of "anglo saxony" would be as interesting as a can of mushy peas.


Whoops, I guess you would've known that, considering your Technoviking post recently.


Yeah, if you haven't played the Waldbühne in the 21st century, then you can't've been much of a has-been from Gen MTV.

And though more "schwarz by the thousands" than "technocolor up to a million", Fuckparade is still alive here.



Now I'm intrigued: In the U.S., is Metallica long-forgotten or considered a joke?

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