The Chinese: Steampunk Cyborgs?
Quote of the Day: Karl Kraus on Vienna Gossip


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James rytting

Word failing my tater! Do the mash potato; now twist!


Good, but it doesn't beat the "Milch-Jieper".


Mister PK won't be able to topple cute cats who have black fur spots for A.H.'s mustache and parting anytime soon.

On the other hand you start a "Denglish Gallery", similar to those Chinglish blogs out there, where you could document the most heinous transgressions you'll see over here, maybe with categories like "False fair-weather friends", "Der Deppenapostroph", "Turkish shop-owners doing English the German way" and -most importantly- "Telekom commercials".


From »Hauptstraße 110« and »neben Lux Harmonie« it appears to have been in Heidelberg.

Andrew Hammel

G-d forgive me, but I desperately want to draw a Hitler moustache and hair on that demented-looking potato. Why don't one of you do it, to spare me the indignity? I bet it will become a famous internet meme!


I first thought: "That guy looks like Dan Quale", but on second thoughts, "Nah, it can't be him".

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