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The only time you will ever need credentials, like letters after your name, is if you are competing for business and your skill and experience isn't enough to edge out the competition. Credentials are a nice writing a thesis little added bonus.


In 2011, for instance, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a Louisiana prosecutors who confessed to intentionally suppressing blood testing showing a defendant's innocence -- thereby sending him to death row to wait for execution for 14 years -- could not be held liable in a civil court.

To me the interesting question would not be whether the prosecutors/state attorneys can be held liable, but rather whether the State (or the federal govt, as the case may be) on whose behalf the prosecutors were acting can be held liable. After all, it is the State whose public officer presumably screwed up, and the State rather than the prosecutor has the financial resources to make good the damage that was caused by the wrongful imprisonment. Is the notion of State liability in these type of cases not known in the US, or if it is, does it stand in parallel to the suing of the prosecutor in a civil case?

Paul Smith

Well-stated. It is almost as if they rule by the divine rights of potato kings: allerdings, es gibt kein Yummy dabei. Ich spure wenig.

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