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A problem not mentioned within the text is the strong tendency of trained dogs to give false-positive alerts (est. 1/3 total) depending on the expectations of their leaders. It would be surprising if this point was or won't be brought up in the hearings. If that ain't enough, the ruling will lead to loads of trouble.

Jeffrey -- New York

If a member of the Choom Gang isn't going to allow the legalization of pot, who is?

Richard Morisson

Health Reform is safe, it would be nice to know our economy will be safe too!


Look at what has happened recently in Montana, Andrew, where commercial pot growers operating legally under state law have been sentenced to long prison terms in federal court, and you'll see the tragic consequences of the legal discrepancies you mentioned.


Congratiulations to Colorado and (especially; coz they also, finally, let 'em queers marry) Washington State.
On the whole Marijuana-issue, however, allow me to comment musical-like:

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