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(A typical Tatort in 123 Seconds (unfortunately only in German)


Tatort has always been a message center for state run television over social policies in Germany. The Kommissars are often threatened with weapons directly and dangerously, but no one shoots the hunted down killer, who breaks out in tears after the police have dropped their weapons and talked him/her out holding on to it. This is so heartbreaking, poor little ruined life, come on the state will take care you, after we put in a good word on your crime scene conduct. Oh happy day! Comparing this to police reality or even American TV shows of analogous making, is speaking in German simply: "..die Krumbeersuppe mit dem Radetzky-Marsch verwechseln."


Comparing Tatort and CSI smells suspiciously of apples and pears. You need to zapp a few slots up on your traditional channel list to get into CSI territory.

Similarly, there is the rare gem in American TV as well, although the only thing I can think of now is Flashpoint and that is Canadian.


As a German I know what I am talking about.
Tatort has run on ARD (state television) for the last two hundred years.
Since it is produced by state television, it is not meant to be entertaining but thought-provoking, realistic, treehugging socially critical commentary on the society we live in. Also, generally a murder is committted.
While CSI caters to the basest instincts in society and is therefore entertaining, Tatort would never even try to do this.
German television is not supposed to be entertaining.
So please do watch this crap only for academical reasons.


I thought that studies proved a connection between being the victim of child abuse (mistreatment?) and becoming an abuser, at least that this increases the probability.

I don't agree with your american "Tatort"-plot. I know, there are enough movies like that, but in a series they do not kill the main characters on a regular base. Most commonly they are killed when they want more money or just don't want to go on with the series.

As for the foul language... you can probably hear these words in kindergartens across the USA and Germany


Perhaps you should take a look at the stats on TV viewing before you make any generalisations about crime rates and TV doctrines. The subsidised programmes are almost exclusively the territory of the over-sixties, who are not likely to be involved in violent crime. Then take a look at footage of events around a Football game and see how much violence is in play there.


I have my own theory that German television is subsidized under the condition that they do this — and thereby not give any young potential criminals any ideas. Lessons that crime doesn't pay, nobody's evil plan is ever thought out well enough, the police will always catch you — perhaps this is what actually keeps violent crime rates low in Germany.

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