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M. Möhling

> search for better places to spread your
> anti-immigrant nonsense
What's not to like about Andrew's little place of joyful inquiry? Best I can find. Why don't you spread some mirth, bitter acronym?

@Andrew: sorry for Mr Testarossa, but typepad is funny sometimes.

M. Möhling


> Sweden
> Foreign-born population as percentage of total population
> (2008): 13.4%
> Percentage of foreign born in the labour force (2008): 14.7%

and now for something completely different:

  1. according to Wikipedia and its sources there are 3-5% Muslims in Sweden[1,2]; you expected to read this, that's how I roll
  2. 63.4% of EU residents born abroad come from highly developed countries, see a list at [3]; for the sake of this argument and for want of accurate numbers I assume this to be about true for Sweden as well. Note that 'born abroad' includes those from other EU countries as well.
  3. We're talking of those foreign born not inluding the second, third, and forth generation, assuming they do well. They do not. Samuel Huntington did the math with Latin immigrants to the US.[4] It's completely different with Arabs and Turks in Europe, of course.

So, what are we to surmise? That Sweden does well despite the onslaught of all these unruly Finns, French, Danes, Germans, Americans, Australians, and Japanese, with the eventual sprinkling of ne'er-do-wells from Brazil, Chile, and India? Shall we assume that this lethal assault on national welfare is offset by 3-5% Muslim professionals, their most particular qualities, and fierce adherence to civic values that transformed Islamistan to the dreamland of peace and prosperity? Nonsense, you say? As Muslimistan has been crippled by Western imperialism, while China, Japan, Brazil, and Chile have been, um, pampered with benevolence and riches, not colonialism, unequal treaties, drugs, and nuclear bombs? And let's just not mention Australia that's has been dumped for generations with nuclear scientists and child prodigies the UK couldn't put to good use.

One thing I will grant; while the import of stout anti-Zionists made many Swedes more than happy and nourishes a sizable slice of its welfare state that depends on a steady inflow of grievance holders, it hasn't ruined Sweden yet. So some may say let's go ahead, let's bid the moment stay, while I propose to not throw that country under the bus, not even one city, not one quarter, as particularly its bus drivers might not like it, particularly those who service the vibrant quarters we do like us so well. Not for our kids to attend school, mind you, as some other racists poison the wells so we have to flee reluctantly, thus being forced to segregate while we'd so love to unite because that's how we roll, not for us to enjoy our pensions--but cool for some elegant slumming and adolescent, progressive rites-de-passages; cheap rents, giving middle class studentry a break before the big Dollars roll in postgrad-wise? Check. Cheap and spicy food, care of immigrant self exploitation, overtime work, tax evasion, and health inspectors most seriously not wanting to cause grievances, as police and firefighters are already busy caring for themselves when being vibrated? Check. The occasional riot to watch and brag about while sipping latte knowing that fascist police will prevent things from going over the top? Check. What's not to vibrantly like? When things do go over the top eventually we move where they can't follow. For now. Wash, leather, rinse, and repeat.

renke, are we confused? See, mixing Finnish programmers, French engineers, Spanish architects, the occasional Canadian DJ servicing the Prenzl'bg crowds, Japanese Düsseldorf based managers, Polish plumbers, Lithuanian conservators ...and astoundingly civic minded guys from very south of our borders we have constructed an average migrant body that fits our projections when squinting in good faith. And we do like us to construct and project, as we ain't no intellectuals for nuthin'. Greetz fly to peer groups everywhere; I mean dammit, let's not hide our light under a bushel.

  1. 300,000 – 500,000 ethnic Muslims in 2000:

    - Åke Sander (1990), Islam and Muslims in Sweden, Göteborg : Centre for the Study of Cultural Contact and International Migration, Gothenburg University, pp. 16-17



    Sweden: 9 486 591 inhabitants in 2012 (300,000 ~ 3%)


    "63.4% of the EU residents born abroad come from Highly Developed countries [...] The group of High HDI countries consists mainly of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, large parts of South America and some countries in Western Asia."


    The Hispanic Challenge, Samuel P. Huntington, March/April 2004


While I generally support his views on the flaws of the US economy, I can only oppose what he is saying about Sweden and its housing market.

I live in Stockholm and know about that stuff.
The realities are:
1. The streets have potholes, though this is mostly due to the winter which makes every little crack into a hole quickly.
2. While most Swedes have access to a holiday house, they rarely own it themselves. Many only have a share of one which gives them certain time slots there. And most of these houses are little huts in the middle of nowhere.
3. Most Swedes do NOT own their appartment/house. The banks do as the average Swede rather keeps his loan and pays only the interest. The average time to pay back loans is 120 years! Loan requirements were pretty low for a long time, making the housing prices go through the roof in the last 15 years. Only the recent raise of requirements has cooled the market down a bit. A crash might happen anyway sooner or later.
4. In fact, the housing market in this city is a nightmare. It's almost impossible to find affordable housing. Either you lend loads of money to buy something, or you have years of waiting time in the queue to get a rental appartment. If you can't do neither, you have to go to the black rental market with horrendous prices and no securities.

There are many advantages in having a more equal income distribution, but his narrative of the fabulous conditions on the housing market is a fairy tale.


@möhling: get a life... (and search for better places to spread your anti-immigrant nonsense)


M. Möhling:

Foreign-born population as percentage of total population (2008): 13.4%

Percentage of foreign born in the labour force (2008): 14.7%

United States:
Foreign-born population as a percentage of total (2003): 11.7% (33.5m persons)

Foreign-born labour force as percentage of civilian labour force (2006): 15.3%

source: HWWI

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The top 1% are awesome folks. Hard working people like Sam Walton and by the way....they pay over 85% of the taxes in the US, while 49.5% pay zero in federal income tax. Viva La 1% Viva La One Percenters

M. Möhling

So now, all Sweden needs is more US-style post-1965 diversity to increase harmony and solidarity even more. Bring in more third world bus drivers so their Swedish brethren can share with them their wealth on even more egalitarian terms. I mean; two homes?

Oh wait, I'm just now channeling a bright, blinding, advanced, and multiculturally informed light, things are even better; once their brothers are there, Swedish bus drivers will cede their jobs happily to the newcomers, improve their qualifications ...and take up more qualified professions, yay! Say, they will teach others bus driving, and eventually manage the business. Eventually, the process will repeat and repeat and repeat, churning out happiness, lots of it, and dignify humans--a serendipitous combination of maelstrom and Nuremberg Funnel. Trusty Burkean trustees will administer the process wisely.

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