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Good point though, that a maybe upcoming Google monopoly might be used to create direct profits and therefor should be avoided in both consumers and competitors interest. Not really the current strategy of Google, but who knows about future...
If the revision doesn't leed to another result, it will strike users as well, at least in short/mid term, with numerous follow up trials.

I really don't know, who to favor in here, but I could imagine something like that in front of german courts as well, with the result being as unsure.

btw. It is said in general, that Europe tends to a rather producerist position.

Ali Gündüz

Google has actually recently declared that it is going to start charging for the Google Maps. It is not however going to charge endusers but those companies that use Google Maps to create custom maps on their web sites or applications.

Christian Buggedei

I cry foul - I do buy organic and fair-trade whenever available. And a lot of other folks I know do the same, except those who really simply cannot afford it.

(And that one veterinarian lady I know, who claims that the eggs of those chickens who live in sterile cages are actually better for human consumption because they contain less antibiotics and such.... I rather risk eating less healthy than having caged chickens on my consciene though)

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