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What do you think about this Tatort parody?

Der typische Tatort in 123 Sekunden

Arthur Dent

That's bullshit. There is no "well-established pattern" that is followed as described in this article. There is ONE episode that uses our tendency to jump to conclusions and judge others as a motif. That's it.

M. Möhling

OT--reminds me of misunderstood "workplace violence", eg at Fort Hood. Each his own.

> Not only has the German general public
> a dangerously low opinion of child
> molesters (and sexual deviants in general)
Jan, sometimes comments are just stranger than fiction. Couldn't make that up. Kudos.


FYI: Television and social messages:



I've never been a huge fan of the Saarbrücken investigators as personalities ...

Another fine episode from the popular series: "Stuff White Germans Say!"


This might be a nice addition to TV Tropes' "abuse tropes" (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AbuseTropes ).

See also:




Hey KWiNK,

thats "Verdammt", I think


@RudiMueller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWdd6_ZxX8c


ihr seid so lächerlich. redet deutsch oder aber wandert bitte aus. aber dieses möchtegern-englisch ist so peinlich und heuchlerisch, dass jeder normale mensch euch auslachen würde.


Couldn´t agree more with Jim. Not only has the German general public a dangerously low opinion of child molesters (and sexual deviants in general), it also has a wholly unrealistic view on the frequency and development of these crimes. Ask any (ok, almost any) German how many cases of rape, etc. there are each year and whether the numbers are rising or falling, and you´ll inevitably get the answers "many" and "rising" both of which have been wrong since the foundation of the BRD.
Therefore my only problem with the frequent occurrence of the MM-trope is the possibility that it might add to the abovementioned unrealistic view.


there was a brilliant episode done by the Munich team -- "Nie wieder frei sein." now THAT one was quite possibly the best Tatort I've ever seen. the (M?)M plays a very important role, but what really made this a great movie (apart from the brilliantly shot and produced piece of art it was) was the resolution and the lack of any moral guidance you as the viewer were left with. no wagging finger, no politically correct final statements, just a load a thoughts buzzing round in your head.


It is a little bit strange, isn't it?
Why concentrate on the MM for the message "Everyone needs a second chance!"?
Are there other recurring crime-patterns with a similar emphasis on the "second chance" topic?


KWink, I think its "Schwarze Tiger, weiße Löwen"


That education is very much necessary I'm afraid. Considering the witch hunt over everybody released from "Sicherungsverwahrung" that message badly badly needs some hammering home. Though I personally think the message should not be "everybody needs a second chance *cuddle**cuddle*" but "life is risky and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it so grow some balls and live with it".



I know an episode from "Polizeiruf 110" where the MM who is the first suspect in the case turns out to be the criminal, who has abducted another child, even though some guilt is placed on his girlfriend who tried to make him calm down by secretly replacing his testosterone-hampering medication with a mild homeopathic concoction. I think the episode was "Geliebter Mörder".

In another "Tatort" the detectives from Cologne find out that a child molesters former victim (the MM being the murder victim here) became a murderer through the strange relationship he had developed to his captor. Sadly, I couldn't find out the name for this one.

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