How Homeopathic 'Medicine' 'Works'
'Are They Out of Their Minds?'


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Johann Ludwig Graf Schwerin von Krosigk,
Mimister of Finance
might just be it.


Schacht did not change the order of his first names. That's not possible, beacuse the order of the names is fixed in your birth certificate.
He simply decided to use the third of the first names as "Rufname". In Germany, you can have several "Vornamen", and you (well, mostly your parents) choose the Rufname. Rufname is usually the first of the Vornamen, but that not compulsary.

Actually I found figures:


Damn, I had no idea von Papen's name was that odd. I hereby award second place to von Papen. I especially like the fact that one of his names is Maria, but then again that's not so uncommon. Nevertheless, I still think HHG Schlacht takes the cake. I didn't know he'd switched the order of his names, thanks for that Mac...


Marcus refers to: Franz Joseph Hermann Michael Maria von Papen, Erbsälzer zu Werl und Neuwerk.
The english wikipedia does not have the full name. Furthermore, Erbsälzer is listed there as an Austrian title (wrong, it's German).
There are only two families left using this title, and I am sure, 99% never heard it and will consider it a nice joke.


Thanks! This is probably what the Weltgeist calls a joke..

Apparently, the English wikipedia entry is wrong on his name. His baptismal name is "Horace Greeley Hjalmar Schacht", it was later, after his studies, when he decided to use "Hjalmar" as his first name. See:


Schacht und von Papen have strange names if you take the very very full name (which was never used). But now it is difficult to see a clear no. 1.
Wonder what the result will be.


Congratulations, Mac, for your correct guess, although the actual name is Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht. I will entertain other nominations, but I doubt any other high-ranking Nazi had the entire name of an American crusading left-wing journalist from the 19th century wedged into the middle of his name, and that's about as odd as it gets.


I checked the list on wikipedia. Some unusual names, but no name really outstanding. Fritz Todt? Wilhelm Ohnesorge?? Seyß-Inquart???
Suppose you must be non-German to find one name eccentric.


I guess "Baldur von Schirach" does not sound very common.


What about the Erbsälzer zu Werl und Neuwerk? It would seem like a fairly odd name to me as well.


Horace Greeley Hjalmar Schacht is quite eccentric isn't it?

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