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Nazis with Too Much Free Time

American Sorority Babes Hunting Hot European Men

"European Men," if y0u're into fresh-smelling, ever-cheerful American sorority gurrrls, just go where Katherine Chloe Cahoon is telling her sisters to go. They want to meet you -- you sexy, romantic, sincere, mature European man, you:

One of those places is, oddly enough, Oktoberfest, err, "Manfest":

And Americans girls, here's your guide to hooking and landing that European man:

The Onion, of course, got here years ago. Take it away, "Giovanni di Salvi":

I'm a 25-year-old carpenter living in Rome, and I don't mind telling you that I get all the action I can handle. I'm not all that handsome or well-dressed, and I'm certainly not rich. In fact, my Italian countrywomen could take me or leave me. But that's just fine, because Rome gets loads of tourist traffic, and American co-eds traveling through Europe are without a doubt the easiest lays in the world.


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Phone Sex

American Sorority Babes are so lovely! I love it and it looks beautifully!


The people are loosing their moral while becoming modern. The society needs to be attentive that moral value. Well, it shocking and needed and immediate attention to short out at the earlier.


Historically, and as far as the present age is concerned, it's the other way around. The Tri-Delta gals spend an unusual amount of time trying to fend off these hopeless, helpless, egotistical disease bags.
All they would even need to do to commit suicide is jump from their ego to their IQ.

As to the European women, they should realize that lying there like an overcooked vegitable is not concidered intimacy.


In what universe is Oktoberfestbier stronger than regular Bier and served in 0,2 l Cognacschwenkern?

Sad that the revenue of this book did not allow for on location filming. But they really did everything, err nothing at all, to make it look like the Wiesn.

Great Post!


Now you've finished your book on ending the death penalty, how about a law finally preventing "grown ups" from wearing rompers in public (as seen in vid. II)?

Junger Gott

I think my irony detector is off - is this stuff serious?


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...


Good god, and I went to all the trouble of starting a career here first, when all I had to do was go to Oktoberfest? Dang.

Alex (the other one)

I seriously have no words besides WTF???

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