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Thank you very much for that insight.
That's a new idea for me, but it sounds logical.

In the last months I was quite surprised about lots of anglo-american bad-mouthing of the euro. Of course we see there some problems, but for me these steadily doomsday scenarios did sound not mainly reasonable than much more like propaganda to distract from own problems. (You know, the debt in US are not really less than in most European countries, not to forget the housing dilemma in US and UK.)
But the idea of distracting did not totally convincw me.

But to imagine there might be a motivation to delegitimize a european system with more extensive social welfare system - that couldt convince me, regarding who are the typical advocate of european and euro doomsday scenarios.


weak, vacillating, directionless, declining, and increasingly irrelevant
Well, it's a shame that the EU already has an official motto!

(Very interesting analysis, thanks!)

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