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Bleg: Interesting Prague Hotels?

A friend and I are going to be gallivanting around the Czech Republic and perhaps Slovakivenia soon. Knowing my readers' impeccable tastes (proven during my Vienna trip), I thought I'd excrete a bleg. I'm looking for a hotel in/near Prague that fits the following bill: (1) offers parking spots (must-have); (2) reasonably centralish; (3) interesting/cool; (4) under about 80 EUR/night for a double room.

Mebbe that's too much to ask, but if it ain't, please fire away in comments.


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What do you think about this one:

I was there in 2006 and found it quite nice. I do not know exactly what is "cool" for you, but I found the rooms quite stylish.
It is near to the train station, so the whole central of PRague is reachable by foot

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