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Bingo, that's Adem Jashari. The photo is of a gigantic mural on the front of the Palace of Youth and Sports in downtown Prishtina. Jashari and 58 other members of his extended family were killed by Serbian police and military in an incident that became known as the Prekaz massacre. It proved to be a turning point in the Kosovo War, prompting thousands of young Albanians to join the Kosovo Liberation Army.


How much money would I have to give you to tell him to his face that when you see him you think the words 'queen's brigade'?

I would, by contrast, be more likely to say: nice Kalashnikov....


HA! I've found him, via this simple Google search. Yay!


Oh no, I hope it will be solved soon, because that is exactly the kind of silly question that will otherwise keep me up all night. Tell us who you are, camouflaged beard guy!


Somewhere in the Balkans. A Serbian soldier lost in the fields. Lost in translation. Lost in the history... This is certainly not the right guess but it came to my mind.


Glad you like the quizzes. Nope, it's not 'Bud Spencer', but that wasn't a bad choice. I'll give readers another day or two and then perhaps I'll begin dropping hints...


P.S. I love quizzes!


Reminds me of Dr. Carlo Pedersoli in one of his timeless movies. I'm not sure why anyone would put him up on a billboard, but on the other hand I have a pajamas with his face on it, so...

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