The Perils of Weekends
Quote of the Day: Father Zosima on Taking Offense


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That woman in the 'appreciation' clip looked like a 10 years older version of Sarah Palin.

Peter Fischer

I think there are quite a lot of inside references to Germany on Colbert. I can't remember exactly, but I think you posted some of them as well.

I am sure one of his writers has a connection to the country. I think if you research into it you could prove a German jokes cluster in the Colbert report.


I was surprised by his pretty good German, too. Note that they could have used a recording, since you don't see Krampus' lips move. Or is that 'lips'.

As for why Colbert featured Krampus -- isn't it obvious? He reads German Joys!

Peter Fischer

yeah, he's speaking very good German. I mean somebody of Colbert staff must have been informed about that austrian tradition. It is not really well known in Germany as well.


you're welcome!
the guy in the costume even speaks something close to german.

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