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Ich habe die Nachrichten mitgehört per Breitbandscanner. Ich bin sauer und drehe jetzt durch.

Sorry, not been wanting to step on your toes.


Problems fixed, thanks for the heads-up. Typepad now 'auto-saves' your posts while you write them, which is a good thing, but sometimes auto-saves 2 or 3 different versions of the same post, which makes it hard to remember which one was the 'latest' when you return to work after an interruption. Not that my posts aren't full of typos anyway (remember, it's a blog!), but that's part of the explanation.

In any case, this post wasn't written for aesthetic reasons, it was meant to convince you to support GRACE. So click on the link and give, if the spirit moves you!


a life-saving deal

Ich habe die Nachrichten mitgehört per Breitbandscanner. Ich bin sauer und drehe jetzt durch.

"Sometimes, a life-saving death can be worked out,..."
Sorry, I don't get that. I know, it's a misspelling, just don't know of what... (In case you're at it already, also fix the "az" in the second paragraph.)

M. Möhling

This immigrant proved that he is able to cross borders illegally (and to kill while happy), so kicking him out is not on a par with frying his pants. Or so cop-conscious Texan jurors might think. Particularly as the young Gods of humanitarian action might not be too hot for effective border control and quite willing to crimp cop-conscious Texan's style in this regard.

btw: Incarceration and murder rates for black folk soared manifold since the sixties, didn't they, Andrew? Integrated schools existed from the beginning of the thirties, and spread. But they taught pale faced middle class values. The ones Andrew praised often enough. For him and us, of course, not necessarily for others, not for the other, egads. Black folks profited, too--Black power and pride cared for prison, single moms and public subsidies. Andrew, you know the stats, don't you?

While it's noble in the mind to care for black folk, who do most of the killing by far, and to keep them from death row, wouldn't it be even nobler to beat some sense into them, again? You know, square, boring middle class stuff? You know, those that black priders, Muslims, and La Razistas decry as fascist, racist, colonialist perversion?


Sure -- but not after he's killed a police officer. That, as they say, changes everything.

Junger Gott

"Your client is an illegal immigrant who got drunk and killed a cop. He's on trial in Harris County, which sends more convicts to Death Row than most hemispheres. And you somehow convince a jury to forsake the death penalty and give a sentence of life without parole? That is some lawyering."

Wouldn't it be smarter and go down even better with tax-conscious Texan jurors to have the illegal immigrant kicked out of the state instead of spending the next decades paying for him.

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