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Not that I find your satirical barb inappropriate, Andrew. Von Trier's grandiose seriousness cries out for deflation.

I haven't seen "Antichrist" yet. I wasn't intending to, having read about the vile goings-on in the film, but after hearing that it was made in the Nutscheid forest, of which I have intimate knowledge--as in a profound personal relationship--from many woodland hikes and canoeing on the Sieg, I will. I know that those woodscapes lend themselves to mythologizing, even von Trier's painful sort.

I won't pretend to answer the question of whether the film is "torture porn" disguised as art.

Given the world's increasing and widespread violence on all levels, and particularly its numbed acceptance by the masses, artists must engage with, not deny, this pathology to cast an uncompromising light on its causes.


I think it's pretty funny that Trier's movie was financed with the help of German film subsidies - isn't that kind of inconsistent with German politicians' stance on violence in "normal" movies or computer games?


As the man says, he need not justify his art. Take it or leave it.

By the way, von Trier and his crew shot the film in the Nutscheid forest, just several miles away from my house.

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