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... and now for some more exotic birdwatching in our beloved Landeshauptstadt (Volksgarten/Südpark)(g):


It's a heron, the kind of large wading bird that has infested Amsterdam, esp. in the Oosterpark area. Our Zoo has a large number of herons, most of whom seem to know the feeding timetables by heart. You cab view them eye to eye/up close and very personal all around the Zo, and don't be surprised if you have to duck for one alighting on the fence next to you! And they are also spectacular to look at!

Mevr. Haus

Supposedly they have become a nuisance in Amsterdam, though I haven't seen any there. We often have one in the canal in front of the house in Noord-Brabant. Very amusing to watch, and cool to see one fly in. Have even seen a couple of spats (or some sort of agitated behavior).


It was actually more south than Philipshalle, at the "Irisgarten" pond on this map: http://www.duesseldorf.de/stadtgruen/pdf/parks/suedpark_orientierung.pdf
Thank you for the link to the Gartenamt: I didn't know these detailed maps though I had been looking for some for a while.


If you want to study it more, I've just seen one - for the first time ever in Düsseldorf - in Südpark, behind Philipshalle, standing on a stone in one of the ponds. Like yours - it could be the same - it definitely looks more hirsute than the grey herons pictures I see in wikipedia.


Grey Heron, Graureiher


Looks like a heron.


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