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Woman to Women: Shut up Once in a While.

Recently a reader complained that German Joys has become too esoteric. So let's read today what everybody will be talking about in Germany, the interview (G) German "TV personality" Eva Herman gave to the mass-market tabloid Bild to promote her new book, "The Eva Principle."

Herman, who is 47 years old, has been married several times and has one son. She was recently fired from her job as a news announcer on one of the the country's major news show for delivering increasingly strident anti-feminist commentaries (G), and now hosts a chat show.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

You accuse women of having become too masculine. Give us an example.

You see this not only on the job, but in everyday behavior. We criticize our men even when they try to surprise us once in a while. Best example: A man invites a woman to a restaurant. She says: Sure, it’s nice, but why couldn't we go somewhere else? Of course, the man’s going to be disappointed. I think we women should keep our mouths shut more often. Why should we have a say in everything?

Tell us why!

A lot of this is because of feminism. [German feminist author] Alice Schwarzer drummed it into us: You can do everything, you should be allowed to do anything, exactly equal to men; gender differences don’t exist. ‘You’re all equal’ – and we believed that coming from a women who herself wasn’t married and had no children -- who doesn’t know how it feels to want to, and be expected to, manage all these different roles. Her theories have failed!

Back to the men. Why, in your opinion, are they not fit to do housework?

Men suffer when they’re forced to do too many tasks that they have no desire and no particular capability to do. Only rarely have men voluntarily done housework or raised children. Most are just not  suited to these tasks.

And when women force men to do them anyway?

This makes the men nervous, they don’t feel they’re taken seriously – and that can lead to mental problems. By the way, only five to seven percent of German men are “house-husbands.” And the marriage collapses in 98% of these households.

So, the only true place for a woman is in the home?

Yes, because a woman is much better suited to make the house homey – to find the right place for nice candles, to pick flowers, and to bake apple pies.

I'll refrain from commentary, except to note that (1) Herman herself is combining career and child-raising; (2) she makes several times more money as much as the average reader of this mass-market tabloid; (3) she admits that she has a "reliable nanny, whom we can count on 100%"; and (4) the online interview  of Herman appears next to an article about a calendar featuring photos of naked Austrian female ski instructors ("Naked Ski-Bunnies: Even the Glaciers are Melting!")

That last point probably isn't too relevant, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.