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German Word of the Week: Schamgegend

No more meandering essays for the moment. (They'll be back, though, and that's both a promise and a threat). It's time for a new German Word of the Week™*, this blog's most popular feature.

Schamgegend: literally translated, "shame-area". Is this the run-down part of a city, which locals never show to tourists? Is it the part of your cheeks that turn red when you blush? The part of the brain that regulates embarrassment? Nope.

Need some clues? Think about these two other perfectly respectable German words: Schamhaar ('shame-hair') and, er, Schamlippen ('shame-lips'). If you've got a reasonably filthy mind, you've alread figured out what a Schamgegend is. Yep, it's the good old pubic region; that is, where the human naughty bits are located.** I'll let you figure out Schamlippen for yourselves.

* - I haven't really trademarked German Word of the Week yet, but that shouldn't stop you paying me large licensing fees if you wish to refer to it.

** - No, there is no Schamstange ('shame-rod'). Yet.