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Bush's German Interviews Make News

From Dan Froomkin's White House Watch (in the Washington Post):

Bush gave two interviews last Friday to German news organizations. In one, he asserted that the finest moment of his presidency came when he caught a fish on his private lake. That one got a fair amount of attention.

But in the other one, with ARD German television , he made this startling assertion: "I very much would like to end Guantanamo; I very much would like to get people to a court. And we're waiting for our Supreme Court to give us a decision as to whether the people need to have a fair trial in a civilian court or in a military court."

Reaction is only now starting to burble up.

Dahlia Lithwick writes in Slate: "His statement was surprising for several reasons, not least because it represents a major reversal from prior policy statements about the camp."

The Los Angeles Times editorial board is agog: "With his latest explanation for the continued confinement of almost 500 detainees at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba, President Bush sounds like the proverbial teenager who killed his parents and then asked for mercy from the court because he was an orphan."