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What Blogs Can Become

Jets on the Autobahn

German newspapers have finally, gingerly, sort-of-discovered the interactive possibilities of the Internet, says Stephan Niggemeier in this piece (German) in the FAZ.  However, they're still making rookie mistakes.  Take, for instance, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Niggemeier, in my translation):

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung (to take only one example) is using the possibilites [of blogs] about as skilfully as someone who gets into an airplane in order to taxi nicely down the autobahn.  The "SZ" has fourteen blogs.  The majority of the authors write something perhaps once a month into their blogs and ignore what anyone else writes.  The medium that's better suited for this sort of thing has already been invented, and is called the "book."

Niggemeier has interesting things to say about how the elitism of the "quality" German press is keeping them blind to the true promise of interactivity, and offers amusing critiques of the crappiness of many German news websites, which "treat their users like idiots."  Well worth reading. 

I will try to respond with a few thoughts later, but the bloody day job keeps rearing its ugly head.  What a distraction!