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» Bruce Bawer: "Inside Europe's Leftist Elite" from Davids Medienkritik
(By Ray D.) While skimming a blog named German Joys, I stumbled across this absolutely fascinating article entitled Inside Europe's Leftist Elite by a man named Bruce Bawer, an openly gay American who has lived in Europe for the past [Read More]


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Regarding the reported belief that Americans do not receive unemployment insurance, I hereby state for the record that I am receiving such right now. I do not know how it is administered in any other country, but here it is run on the heartless "safety net not a hammock" principle. What I receive is proportional to past earnings, and will end proportionally to how long I last worked. I am required to actively seek employment, and am not permitted to limit myself to the narrow field (with only half a dozen prospects) in which I have been working. Seems reasonable to me.

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