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Marian Wirth

Uh, back to politics again? In regard of your previous post, I expected random rants on Tang dynasty poetry for the next couple of weeks.

With your mild approach, you would have been a perfect replacement of Bishop Wolfgang Huber in the Clement/Wulff debate you mention above ;-).

But as for Chancellor Schröder, your take is really too indulgent, I think. Yes, it was a "roundtable of the elephants", but "roundtable", not "china shop".

I didn't went through 16 years of the natural arrogance of then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl, trying to get rid of him by uselessly voting for the SPD election after election, only to see his successor showing the same arrogance (not natural, but booze-driven) after a clear defeat. Plus, don't humiliate someone who is working hard on fighting back tears (my motto). Okay, I am somewhat naive here.

And talking about the "grapple in the Big Apple", I might have missed something, but was there anything like a debate by non-politicians about Iraq in Germany? "Henryk M. Broder vs. Günter Grass", live on stage?

Final point: It's not such a big deal being called a slug. Almost all anglo-american columnists call us silly pinko German voters slugs these days ;-).

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