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Public-Private Partnership at its best

Germany will never emerge from its current economic crisis unless the public and private spheres learn to cooperate effectively to achieve important public ends.  Die Partei, a vibrant youth movement and political party formed by the editors of the German satire magazine Titanic, is giving this tired cliche critical insight a privileged place in its election campaign. 

The initials of Die Partei stand for "The Party of Employment, Law & Order, Animal Protection, Promotion of Elites and Grass-roots Democratic Initiative."  That's a lot to address in Die Partei's upcoming 90-second television campaign commercial, which will be broadcast on 14 September at 5:55 PM on ZDF.  Nevertheless, in a bold new initiative, Die Partei is, through eBay auction, offering a product placement or advertisement to be broadcast right in the middle of its own campaign ad [my translation]:

No joke! 

Die Partei (founded by the editors of the satire magazine Titanic) is making you a serious offer.  According to your wishes, you can have a 25-second TV spot, worth almost 10,000 Euro, or a 90-second product placement [English in original]...

These 25 seconds will be placed inside a campaign commercial for Die Partei.... If you wish to advertise weapons, tobacco products, cheap liquor, etc., we will place your product in a clearly visible location for maximum promotional effect during the entire 90-second campaign commercial.  If you would like to advertise some other product or service or just sent a TV-lovenote or something similar, send us a 25-second spot on VHS [or another popular format].   


GUARANTEE: When you satisfy the above conditions, but your spot is not broadcast for reasons beyond your control, you will immediately get your money back.  We cannot be responsible for any further economic damages, such as paying your production costs.  You can, however, be certain that any non-broadcast of your spot, for instance on legal grounds, will have publicity and perhaps legal ramifications that will bring your product to the public's attention.  That's a promise.  If you have questions, ask them quickly, we don't answer so quickly. 

As of the time of this writing, the bidding was up to 7,050 Euro.  The auction will soon close; get your bid in quickly!

To put this in historical perspective, I'd like to quote Horst Koehler, Germany's new Federal President.  When he took office, he promised to help make Germany once again a "land of ideas."  I think you'll agree this is one whose time has come.  I am President Koehler will soon visit the offices of die Partei to congratulate them on this bold initiative.