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Hitler's "State of Robbery"

Deduction Number 30: "The Penetrator"

As the title implies, this post will actually discuss the issue of tax-deductible sex toys.  You might say that I'm about to fill the holes in your knowledge with my penetrating analysis.  But first I just want to make sure nobody misses the fascinating debate raging in the comments section concerning the fitness of dowdy schoolmarm pioneering woman scientist Christian Democratic Party Chairwoman Angela Merkel as a candidate to be Federal Chancellor of Germany.  One commentator, a German who voted for Schröder in 2002 only "for cultural considerations (the fear of being overrun by Bavarians)" faces off against a non-German who cogently defends her.  Were my huge ego not in the way, I'd just let these fabulous commentators take over.  Please join their ranks, if you feel the urge!

But now to the tax-deductible sex toys.  If you're like me, you've probably spent many an anxious hour worrying whether German tax police raid prostitutes' homes to check whether their tax-deductible business dildos are being used for private pleasure.  I'm happy to announce that the answer is a resounding oh yesss! no.  In an recent article about how tax laws applied to German prostitutes the author notes in an aside: "Of course, a dildo procured for trade purposes may also be used privately."  (Zsteu Nr. 10).

Hat tip Edward Philp.